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This article provides best answers and tips to answer them to leave your firm on a positive note. In order to maintain a positive relationship with your colleagues, sometimes, you need to give a diplomatic answer even though the truth is far from it.

Here are the few main exit interview questions and answers you may receive during an exit interview. If you are moving on from your current company to explore a better job opportunity, during an exit interview, speak in a manner that look like the reason of your resignation is due to your thoughts about your career growth and development.

The best answer that can be given when you are leaving your current job for a better job opportunity. Every professional wants to work at a high salary. Even if you are moving on from one company to another for a better salary package, try not to bring out the actual reason for resignation in an exit interview, if possible. Answer — For the past 4 years, I have been working here as a software developer. The company had given me many opportunities to develop my skills in different areas, platforms and projects.

I had a great time working here, learning, and contributing to my team. I have made a decision to join another company to utilize my skills and to add value to the projects that I will be getting over there and to gain new technical and managerial skills.

7 Tips to Answer “When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?”

In an exit interview, say something positive to show-off your patience and love for the company. The best answer can be given as. Answer — I have worked for this company for many years just because of the wonderful support of my team and other employees of the company. But now, I am leaving this job to experience different working environment, challenges and work culture of the other company. Please try to stay in touch with me forever in the future to encourage and motivate me in my future activities.

For the past many years, if you are working on a same profile and there is no scope of the promotion which has become a reason of quitting the job.

The best answer that can be given when you are leaving your current job to get promoted in an another company. Answer — Working as a project lead for the past 5 years was full of challenges that have given me many opportunities for career and personal growth. Now, I am ready to take new challenges in my career. I love working with the people over here, but to take another challenge and acquire new skills in my career I have to quit this job.

Many employees leave their job due to their personal circumstances and situation, so, in the exit interview, express your feelings for the company in a manner that may open the door of the company for you in the future too. The best answer that can be given when you are leaving your current job due to your personal situation and circumstances.

Answer - My younger sister got married last month and now no one is there to take care of my old mother and father who are staying at my native. Therefore, I have to leave this job to find a job near to my home town so that I can go home and take care of my parents daily.

I'm not satisfied with this

Do you have any idea that can improve the process? Answer : Overall, I am glad and satisfied with the way the company management had laid out the processes and activities for better project management and ensure quality for all the products and services. But there is a scope of improvement in the way we make arrangements to deal with our new employees.

Sometimes, employees leave their job for a better career, paycheck, on-site opportunities or to take new challenges. Example 1 - The best answer that can be given when you are leaving your job for better career opportunities.

Always Be Happy - By Sandeep Maheshwari

One year back, I joined this organization to financially support my family. But now, my family is able to sustain themselves without my financial support. Therefore, this is the correct time for me to leave this job to give complete focus and attention towards my career goal. Example 2 - The best answer that can be given when you are leaving your job for better pay.I hope that answers your question. I hope that answered your question. I hope you that has answered your question.

I hope I answer your question. I hope I answered your question. I hope I have answered your question. I'm glad I helped. I'm glad I have helped. I'm glad I was able to help.

Which sentences are correct in each set above suppose I were to say them after giving an answer or explanation to someone? Is there any difference in meaning between the correct answers in number 1? Of the correct answers, which do native speakers commonly speak of given the scenario in number 1?

These are OK A. Mister Micawber. I hope i have clarified your concern, This would be much more polite way. Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? Anonymous I hope i have clarified your concern,This would be much more polite way.

No, it wouldn't. All of the original sentences are polite enough. Your version is no more polite, and it is less natural. Anonymous I hope I have clarified your concern. This would be much more polite way. The problem is that if you clarify someone's concern, you just make it more clear what they are concerned or worried about. That has nothing to do with answering their question. Ask a Question. Please I Need Your Feedback.July 10, sajith72 Thank You Messages 0.

In our life we often receive compliments, from our relatives and friends.

It may be due to respect, admiration or approval of our work or achievements. As we know that the compliments, will inspire the person who receives it and will try for better standards in next time.

Parents and Mentors will compliment their kids and trainees for even for smallest achievements or even if they fail, to inspire them to do better next time. Compliments will make them to forget the pain they took for the practice and will inspire them to carry forward with their training and coaching for, their next goal.

A good and sincere compliments will stay in memory of the receiver for ever. It will be good and sweet if you say thank you to someone for a compliment.

You can also add some wonderful heartwarming words to make your thank you for compliment a wonderful messages. I have achieved this just because of your guide and help. I am really overwhelmed by your compliment.

Thank you for your Compliment. Another thing once you started accepting your compliments, I am sure that there will be lot of people will be there to inspire and help you to achieve your goals in future.

You must say the thank you for appreciation in a polite and simple manner, so that the the receiver feels it is a real personal message. Do not reply or say thank you for appreciation in a naive manner, so that the receiving person also will happy that you are received or accepted his appreciation.

I am so happy that I have received your attention and appreciation. Your words are really inspiring and motivating. Myself and my family are really blessed with your words. Thank you for your kind words and you are always welcome to our house. I was thrilled when I received your message showing youe encouragement and support. Thank you for supporting me, to achive my goals. I really happy and overjoyed for your kind words for my work.

This is a heart touching inspiration, and I need your support and help in future endeavors. I would love to work with you in future also. Thank you. I am really overjoyed to hear that you liked my work. I am sure that, I was your support and guidance helped me to accomplish this success.

Looking forward for your further support and guidance. I sincerely thank you for the kind words in appreciation of my efforts. Your compliments have really encouraged me to do even better in future.

Thank you for your heartening words in recognition of my achievements. I would not have made it this far was it not for your tremendous support and encouragements.

Thank you for the compliments. I must say that I was very pleased to hear from you after all these years. Thank you for your kind compliments. Kindly accept my sincere appreciation for your generous compliments. Thank you for always supporting me all these years.UNIT 1. What do you mean by values or human values?

What is value education? Why there is a need of value education? How does value education helps in fulfilling one's aspirations? Value education enables us to understand our needs and visualize our goals correctly and also helps to remove our confusions and contradictions and bring harmony at all levels. It also helps remove our confusions and contradictions and enables us to rightly utilize the technological innovations.

Values form the basis for all our thoughts, behaviours and actions. Once we know what is valuable to us, these values becomes the basis, the anchor for our actions. We also need to understand the universality of various human values, because only then we can have a definite and common program for value education.

Then only we can be assured of a happy and harmonious human society. What are the basic guidelines for value education? UPTU — In order to qualify for any course on value education, the following guidelines for the content of the course are important:. It has to be amenable to reasoning and not based on dogmas or blind beliefs.

It needs to be experientially verifiable, and not based on dogmas, beliefs or assumptions. Hence, it needs to cover all the dimensions thought, behaviour, work and realization and levels individual, family, society, nature and existence of human life and profession. What is the need for value education? MTU — Need for value education is:. Thus, VE enables us to understand our needs and visualize our goals correctly and also indicate the direction for their fulfilment.

It also helps to remove our confusions and contradictions and bring harmony at all levels. To fulfil our aspirations both values and skills are necessary.

Job Interview Questions & Answers

When we identify and set the right goals and produced in right direction. This is known as value domainthe domain of wisdom, and when we learn and practices to actualize this goal to develop the techniques to make this happen in real life, in various dimensions of human endeavor struggle.

This is known as domain of skills. For example, I want to lead a healthy life. Only wishing for good health will not help me keep my body fit and healthy and without having understood the meaning of health, I will not be able to choose things correctly to keep my body fit and healthy. Each one of us believes in certain things and we base our values on these beliefs, be they false or true which may or may not be true in reality.

These believes come to us from what we read, see, hear, what our parents tells us, our friends talk about, what the magazines talk of, what we see from TV etc. Value Education helps us to evaluate our beliefs and assumed values. The present education system has become largely skill-based.

The prime emphasis is on science and technology. However, science and technology can only help to provide the means to achieve what is considered valuable. It is not within the scope of science and technology to provide the competence of deciding what really is valuable.

Value Education is a crucial missing link in the present education system. Because of this deficiency, most of our efforts may prove to be counterproductive and serious crises at the individual, societal and environmental level are manifesting. Values and skill complement each other. What do you mean by values?Some countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia, use the hour clock format including am and pm. What do these abbreviations mean? Is midnight am or pm?

The hour system divides the 24 hours of a day into two periods lasting 12 hours each. The first hour period is designated as am. It runs from midnight to noon. The second period, marked pm, covers the 12 hours from noon to midnight. Using numbers from 1 to 12, followed by am or pm, the hour clock system identifies all 24 hours of the day.

Ante meridiem is commonly denoted as AM, am, a. Like many other sources, timeanddate. The main weakness of the hour system is a widespread confusion about which abbreviation should be used for noon and midnight: neither moment can logically be identified as before noon am or after noon pm. For example, the moment of midnight occurs precisely 12 hours after noon on the previous day and 12 hours before noon on the following day.

However, most digital clocks and most sources, including timeanddate. Although the precise moment of noon falls in neither category, the hour succeeding it, from tois clearly after noon. Would you go there at midnight between April 12 and April 13? Or 24 hours later? One way to overcome this problem is to sacrifice accuracy for clarity.

Alternatively, the hour format could be used. Here, refers to midnight at the beginning of the day while is midnight at the end of the day. A hour clock, sometimes referred to as military time, states the time according to the number of hours that have passed since midnight. Starting at midnight, hours are numbered from 0 to 24, removing the need for designations like am and pm. For example, at23 hours have passed since the beginning of the current day. From midnight toadd 12 hours and use am.

From tosubtract 12 hours and use pm. Most countries around the world today use the hour system. The Egyptians are thought to be responsible for dividing the day into 24 equal parts. One account suggests that this custom evolved because the Egyptians commonly used the base 12, counting the 3 joints in their fingers, not including the thumb. Topics: TimekeepingClocks. Sign in.Well i am 19 and i have done just about everything and i guess did my best in them and i am sort of good in almost everything but can't seem to be satisfied with anything.

I tend to have a few things that I do that don't satisfy me for a short amount of time, but that ends due to how I increase the intensity or slightly change the activity to make it slightly more entertaining.

I could write a list taking up pages of things I've done, If I happen to feel the need to take a break from my ever changing norm, I might think of a previous activity and expand or change it slightly.

Personally, my usual activities consist of parkour, various martial arts, chess, occasional psychological studies, and music composition of various genre's. I should also mention I have an iq within the top 1st percentile, have you gotten your iq tested?

It could provide some short term entertainment. At 19 I was studying in my 2nd year of college to become a registered nurse. What are you going to do with your life? May I suggest becoming a translator at the UN? The world is your oyster, open it! I am glad you are not satisfied, this means you must be more and do more.

Go help someone and you will find fulfillment.

What to do when you're not satisfied?

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Video of ICE agents stopping Black jogger. Experts blast Trump for foreign policy blunders. Well i am 19 and i have done just about everything and i guess did my best in them and i am sort of good in almost everything but can't seem to be satisfied with anything Anyone got an activity for me to try?

Here's a list of things i tried eating yoga swimming origami social networks going shopping drawing crafts nanny cooking going for walks music singing etc the things i already know and are good at i speak 5 languages english spanish korean cambodian french swimming yoga singing things i used to enjoy singing swimming yoga going for walks.

Answer Save. Hello, I am also a polymath. Miss Martha. Get a life! You are 19 and obviously intelligent. Seems like your not satisfied with almost everything.

Happiness come within the heart though and simplest thing can make you smile. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.This is a type of trick question that many interviewers ask their candidates so as to make them flustered.

Asking such a question out of the blue, makes the candidate feel pressured and stressed. The interviewer does not hope for a specific correct answer, but he wants an answer that is carefully crafted so that it is satisfactory for both the job details and the interviewer.

Also, another intention of asking such a question is for the interviewer to know what kind of employee you were in your previous job. So, by asking when were you most satisfied in your job, the interviewer wants to learn about the challenges you have experienced and wants to know what all measures you had to take to solve the problem. These are the following points that will help you to answer such a question effectively and will also help you to provide a satisfactory answer.

These type of questions are usually asked by the interviewer to measure the productivity level of the candidate. By asking when they were feeling the most satisfied during their previous jobs, the interviewer is trying to figure out instances where the candidate had been an ideal employee.

The interviewer knows that when a person is satisfied with their jobs then, they produce the best output that they can provide. They are also happy and are motivated to come to work every day and do the best they can at work. Recounting specific situations where the candidate is fully satisfied and has shown his full potential, shows how well the candidate is able to do his job. Also, this also gives a sense of assurance to the employer that the candidate can become an asset to the company and will also easily mingle with the new work culture and the organisation.

As mentioned before, when an interviewer asks you about a question regarding the most satisfactory moment in your job, then the first thing you have to do is to narrate a challenge that you have experienced in your previous job.

Try to set an example or narrate an anecdote that demonstrates your determination, thinking ability and the confidence to solve a problem. The challenge can vary depending on the situation. The challenges may include a form of disagreement between colleagues or team members, getting behind the set deadline, an unsatisfied customer and so on.

Try to explain how you tried to solve the problem and the various measures you took to tackle it and prevented it from becoming even worse. After you have gotten a gist of what the question is about, the next thing you have to do is to create a suitable response for the question asked. This can be done by the following methods:. Try to search more about the company and the position that you have applied for.

Each company has its own unique work cultureoffice format and has their own specific level of job satisfaction. This is necessary for a potential jobseeker or candidate to know what they are aiming for through the job that they have applied. Try to research through the various options, choices, motives and targets that the company has and try to frame an answer built around these facts and suggestions. The second step of the process is to find instances and situations where you feel that you are most satisfied with your current job.

In order to give the best response, you have to know what all instances have made you feel satisfied about the job. Try to find out anecdotes that shows that you were a good and ideal employee in your previous job.

After finding out the reasons that made you work hard and strive from your previous jobs, try to make a satisfactory answer to the question. Also, another point to be noted is to incorporate your previous job experience and the associated job satisfaction with the new job position that you are applying for. This is necessary to show that you can be a valuable employee to the company in the future and you will provide them with a high productivity and output.

These are things that cannot be explained solely with the help of the resume. Try to show examples where you have helped in the development of the company. Show how you have worked and how was your work culture. If you show the interviewer how you helped to increase the company output, how you helped to prevent a disaster or mishap from happening within the team, how you helped others to use their talent and how you guided them.

The interviewer will eventually have a good and a positive impression about you. These are the things that the interviewer would like to hear and appreciate, instead of just reading a resume. This also shows that you are a team player and that you are not afraid to share the credits and laurels with others. Many employers want to hire candidates who have the passion and determination to meet not only their expectations but also to meet the expectations of the company. They want to know that whether or not you will take pride in being a hardworking and a passionate individual.

Taking pride in your own work is necessary and is beneficial to strive and survive in such a competitive environment. They want employees that have a peak interest in getting the job done and also who loves the job.


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